Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Leda products?

  • Independent supermarkets, including IGA’s
  • Health Food Stores
    Please contact us if you need further assistance.

What makes us different?

Our commitment to healthier snacking choices, whilst maintaining our “free from” benefits.

Our products! World first gluten free twist bars and other innovative lines.
All our bars contain 40% or more REAL FRUIT!

Our factory is dedicated to only Gluten Free & Dairy Free production

What is the Company’s philosophy?

Simply “to provide healthier, delicious, low allergy food choices”

Who are our Products Approved by?

The Australian Coeliac Society has reviewed and approved all our products.
Since October 2009, we have been certified with Kosher Australia for all our products.

Are your products only for Coeliacs?

No. If you want a healthier option, these are for you!

Whether you are lactose or dairy intolerant, Vegan, have high cholesterol, seeking low fat snacks or looking for healthier childrens options, check out our healthy snack alternatives.