Choc chip banana caramel

Choc Chip Banana & Caramel Dessert

Leda’s Gluten Free Choc Chip Cookies are perfect for this super tasty dessert. 


1 packet Leda Nutrition Choc-chip cookies, roughly crushed
4 bananas, cut into 1cm slices

Caramel Sauce
100g fresh dates, pitted
100g smooth peanut butter  (Ensure vegan suitable)
1/4 cup coconut cream
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp fine Himalayan rock salt

Approx 1 cup Coconut cream (see recipe)

To make caramel, place dates in small bowl and cover with cold water.
Allow to stand for 30 mins then drain.
Blend soaked dates with peanut butter, coconut cream, coconut oil, maple syrup and salt.

To assemble start with a layer of the crushed Choc-chip cookies, then add a layer of banana pieces and then drizzle with caramel sauce. Top with a dollop of freshly whipped coconut cream.

Garnish with more choc-chip cookie crumb and caramel sauce and serve immediately.

Makes 4 Serves

You can find Leda Choc Chip Biscuits in select independent grocers or purchase online here

Coconut Cream
400g Desiccated Coconut 950ml Water
2 tbsp Monkfruit Sweetener 
1 tsp cornflour
Using a blender or food processer, combine the Monkfruit sweetener and cornflour and process until the mixture resembles fine confectioners sugar.
Place coconut into blender
Add water and blend until smooth
Strain into a large jar or jug using a muslin cloth and squeeze to extract the milk from the coconut pulp.
Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight to separate any remaining liquid.
Scoop the solid coconut milk into a blender or electric mixer. Add the finely ground
sweetener and whip until mixture is thick enough to form peaks.
Makes Approx 3 cups