Cherry & Coconut Slice – Gluten and Dairy free recipes

Cherry and Coconut SliceThis Cherry and coconut slice has been made with our delicious Arrowroot biscuits, it is just one of many gluten and dairy free recipes that can be achieved using our biscuits for your cheesecakes and slices.

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For the base
275g Leda Arrowroot Biscuits
1/4 cup Coconut oil (if solid, melt to liquid)

For the filling
1 cup raw cashews (soaked for minimum 2 hours)
1/4 cup Goji Berries (ground to small powder like consistency)
1 cup fresh or frozen cherries
1 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup Goji Berries
1/4 cup Coconut cream
2 tbsp Coconut Oil (if solid, melt to liquid) Dark Chocolate to finish Most Dark Chocolate containing 70% Cacao should be dairy free, but be sure to check the label.


For the Base
In a food processor, blend biscuits to a fine crumb. With the food processor on low speed slowly add the coconut oil until a dough like consistency is achieved, only add as much as needed so the base is not too wet.
Firmly Press biscuit mixture into a prepared 20cm round spring form-pan.

For the filling
Using a food processor, blend the Cashews to fine paste. Add the Goji Berries, Cherries and Shredded Coconut and pulse to combine. Be sure not to over process to maintain texture. Transfer mixture to mixing bowl. Add the Coconut cream and Coconut oil and stir until well combined. Top the biscuit base, level the mixture and place in the freezer for 3-4 hours or overnight.
Once frozen, remove from the pan. Decorate with melted dark chocolate and return to freezer.
Cut into squares with a sharp knife and serve.
This slice will not completely freeze and it is perfect to eat straight from the freezer.

Serves approx. 25 pcs